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Bimota have over 40 years of history of building cutting edge innovative exotic bikes that won world championships. One of the founders of the company was also Massimo Tamburini. Among motorcyclists Bimota have the highest respect and admiration - it is true special jewel in a world of bikes.

We did careful study about company’s history, evolving identity and image that have on beside of users and market. On base of thorough analysis we prepare detail map of steps for redesigning the identity. We prepared numerous different concept solutions with various degrees of innovation approach. With the company management we decided for just a slight upgrade of the logo, because of earlier mentioned study. With existing owners, brand is so highly valued that total change would mean going against them.

We took more bold approach at other elements of identity. For better brand recognition we introduced new fifth element - four stripes that can evolve for different purposes. We defined new secondary typography. The end result is more refined identity and the one that actually corespondent with image that they have in the market with their products.

Our honour is that we collaborateing with such a renown and passionate company and that together we can produce even more memorable and personal communication towards the owners.

Business case:
Building corporate identity based on strong history


Barbara Šušteršič, Jure Miklavc, Silva Vitez




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