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Bimota have over 40 years of history of building cutting edge innovative exotic bikes that won world championships. One of the founders of the company was also Massimo Tamburini. Among motorcyclists Bimota have the highest respect and admiration - it is true special jewel in a world of bikes.

For the design of the catalogue we developed simple but flexible layout. The aim was that we present the products in the way that they deserve. We wanted to show the essence of the bikes, their beautiful artisan built and show the details. Innovative solutions consist of a collection of technical pages which are stored in high quality envelope and together represent the catalogue. Beside that we prepared more separate catalogue for Bimota apparel which can also be put in the envelope. Over the years company can easily change the content.

Our honour is that we collaborateing with such a renown and passionate company and that together we can produce even more memorable and personal communication towards the owners.

Business case:
Refining exotica


Barbara Sušteršič, Jure Miklavc

Studio Miklavc

Photo of the bikes:
Roberto Turci


2014, 2015


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