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Product design, service design, visual communication and exhibition design

The Triglav national park mobile info point is a systemic modular solution for communicating with target audiences. Its main purpose is to raise recognition and awareness of the national park in highly visited areas in the park itself, on fairs and in other environments.

The info point consists of a specially modified vehicle, its multi media equipment and furniture elements for creating an mobile exhibition about the park. The exhibition itself is focused heavily on showcasing the natural and cultural wonders, found in the Triglav national park.

The design concept builds on the notion, that the contents of the exhibition must be presented in an inoffensive way, and also in a very understandable fashion. The design and construction of the exhibition is based on local references in materials and visual highlights of the area, while traditional construction methods were the main reference for its production. All of the high tech elements of the exhibition were put in the background so that the visitors can focus on the story it is telling.

_Holistic system solution, which is rare in this field
_Modularity and adaptability to different purposes and forms of the exhibition
_High level of recognition of the TNP spirit, presented in an non intrusive way

Business case:
Creation of a holistic and functional communication tool


Jure Miklavc, Silva Vitez,
Jože Carli, Jaka Verbič

Luka Markež

The Triglav national park

Client-side project manager:
Luka Markež




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