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Tips is one of the leading manufacturers producing the best airport ground support equipment as far as the quality and technological precision go along with providing the best solutions for each and every customer.

Passion drives them to be always in search of innovative new ways and solutions to fulfil their customer’s needs. Full commitment is key ingredient to their success on which they have built their good name and attained respect among their partners and costumers all over the world.

Nowadays, their main production line consists of all kinds of airport ground support equipment, from self-propelled and towable passenger stairs, belt loaders and pallet transporters to portable water and toilette service vehicles. They also produce dollies and baggage trailers along with cargo and special service trailers.

Their bold decision was that they completely change identity that will communicate better their true values on global market and be more recognisable with on their products. The designed identity is one of the most extensive and thorough that the studio done. It was researched, planed and developed over one year.

Business case:
Better communicate true values on global market


Jure Miklavc,Barbara Šušteršič, Silva Vitez,Jaka Verbič, Jože Carli




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