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Stol Kamnik was the leading Slovenian chair and office furniture manufacturer in the second half of the 20th century. It was one of the few design minded companies in the area. Many renowned designers did work for Stol with Niko Kralj and Damjan Uršič being among them. The Rex chair, designed by Niko Kralj, is one of the most famous Slovene designs.

In 2009 the company under new ownership saw the need to revive the connection between the company and excellent product design. They invited Slovene designers to create products that would revive the company and its design oriented spirit. Studio Miklavc decided on creating a congress chair, since this is the type of product that Stol is renowned for and forms the base of their product gamma.

The basis for the chair's ergonomics is the "laid back" seating position that brings comfort to the user for longer periods (eg. when sitting through a lecture or conference). The seat base and back rest can flex, thus adapting to the user's current seating position and makes getting up easier. The shape of the seat base and the back rest is unified and its flexibility is achieved with an ingenious design of the connecting elements in the frame. The Konzul chairs can be arranged into clusters or rows and stacking them simplifies its storage. Additionally, a table is also a part of the product family.

Business case:
Design collaboration as a marketing tool

Product design:

Jure Miklavc, Jaka Verbič, Jože Carli

Stol / Pisarniški stoli d.o.o.


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