Škofjeloški pasijon Processio locopolitana 1721-1999 The oldest

Identity and communication

Škofjeloški pasijon (latin: Processio locopolitana) is a dramatic text in Slovene language with the baroque drama elements written in 1721. This is the oldest preserved passion play director's book not only in Slovenia but also in Europe what is a unique and very important treasure. The play was written by a Capuchin Romuald Marušič who lived in Škofja Loka Monastery. The play was performed the in 1721 along the streets in the old part of the town of Škofja Loka. Later on the play was performed only twice; in 1727 and in 1728. After that it took almost 300 years to renew the play in its original form. This happened in the years 1999, 2000 and 2009.

There are approximately 800 actors, actresses a, walk-on volunteers and 80 horsemen on horses. Play is repeated eight times and presented in twenty scenes in four beautiful settings of the old town of Škofja Loka. During the Lent and Easter time there are 25.000 to 35.000 visitors attending.

The Passion Play strong identity without compromise is full of symbols, taken from the story and the performance. Each reenactment of the play is a also enormous communications challenging project that last for almost an entire year. Beside the identity's main elements, each time a billboard poster is designed, as well as posters, invitations, tourist brochures, flags and a website. For the show itself a theater program is also designed each time, as well as tickets and a system of visual guidance for the visitors. For the Passion's Play promotion, we also produce printed, TV and radio adds. Accompanying programs, such as a festival of medieval cooking are an integral part of the identity.

The identity itself became a part of the local culture, the show's creators, its visitors and locals made it their own.

Business case:
Design for cultural nonprofit organisation

Identity, communication and Illustration:

Barbara Šušteršič, Jure Miklavc

Jure Nastran, Jana Jocif

Municipality Škofja Loka

Passion Play director:
Marjan Kokalj (1999, 2000)
Borut Gartner (2009)

Project Manager:
Romana Bohinc (2009)

1999 (1st performance),
2000 (2nd performance),
2009 (3rd performance)


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