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Brand and identity

The challenge of creating this new tourist brand and identity faced us with an unique problem. The region consist of four cities: Škofja Loka, Poljane-Gorenja vas, Železniki and Žiri. There is some operative connections between the cities, but they are independent municipals. Rational thinking lead the local government to introduce a joined brand for the region's toursm. The brand's aim is to enable better communication and a stronger identity by joining all local tourist organizations on a rather modest budget. The identity should represent  the whole region with quite diverse cultural, historical and landscape characteristics.

The solution came in the form of a decision not to create a new name, which demands greater marketing investments, but to use the largest and most recognizable town in this region for the name of the brand - Škofja Loka. Škofja Loka itself is the second oldest medieval town in Slovenia, but as the new identity is designed for the whole region, we deliberately avoided any historic connotation.

With the slogan we added a description of the whole region: one Loka, two valleys, three highlands - which is in fact quite an accurate description of the landscape. To add an emotional taste of the region into the brand, we connected everything together with graduation; time, heritage, diversity, mystery and continuation result in infinite stories.

The final solution with its name and slogan is quite long, so we intentionally looked for a typographic solution which is simple, yet recognizeble. We visually combined "infinite" from the slogan with the initials of "Škofja" to get a symbol for the brand. The basics of the identity are set and will be continuously upgraded with each new application.

Business case:
Strategic identity could unite the region and save it money

Brand and identity:
Barbara Šušteršič, Jure Miklavc

Boštjan Tadel

Razvojna agencija Sora d.o.o.

February 2011


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