Pony Stamp for Slovenia's Post

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Pony was an iconic foldable bicycle made in Slovenia (then part of Yugoslavia) from 1965 to the Nineteen Nineties. It was produced by a Slovenian bicycle company Rog, which no longer exists. Unglamorous beginnings mean that this bicycle was a copy of the Italian bicycle Graziella. Thus after two years in production, Rog had to change the back part of frame (trunk) to make it different enough from the Italian original. Alas, practicality, universality and the affordable price of the Pony were quickly recognized by many customers. It was produced in large numbers and gradually upgraded trough out the years of production. It was an ideal city bike due to the folding mechanism and was also used for holidays by campers and yacht owners. Whole generations learned how to ride a bike with the Pony. It was sold all over the world, from the USA to Iran.

For us children back then, it was an ideal tool for fun, independence, obtaining basic technical knowledge and learn to customize and upgrade. We loved it. We had our BMX before it was even invented; Since the folding joint was in the middle of the frame, heavy usage (wheelies, jumps…) meant it would break in the middle. Welding and an additional bar was needed, thus producing a bombproof bike.

We used this characteristic known to a lot of users to make a humorous solution within the media; a stack of postal stamps with the bike placed in such a way, that the joint is on the perforation line of stamp.

The stamp was chosen and approved by Slovene Postal service but, unfortunately, due to problems around the "pony" brand rights, at the end didn't go into production.

Business case:
Design competition

Visual communications:

Silva Vitez, Barbara Šušteršič, Jure Miklavc

Silva Cimperman


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January 2011


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