Mesec Sweets

Brand, identity, marketing communications and store design

A recently established modest confectionery operates in the local region and supplies to local shops and restaurants. Its identity should therefore deliberately be more modern and not artificially traditional. Nevertheless, with their masterful knowledge and a passionate approach to sweets, the identity should mirror their hand oriented production and elegant delicacy of their products. The filing should be romantic and refined.

The project incorporated brand identity, with creating a name, slogan and basic visual elements. We also created the tools for marketing communication and selling points for shopping centers are in development.

Business case:
Small business benefits from a good identity

Brand, identity and marketing communications:
Barbara Šušteršič

Store design:
Silva Vitez, Jure Miklavc

Boštjan Tadel

Niki Mesec, Mišouh d.o.o.


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