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Product design

The Tywa LED lighting system enables the user to adapt his or her light source to very specific needs. It achieves this by being modular system, consisting of a variety of elements. The basis of the system is a LED-element of compact (75 x 75 mm) dimensions. These can be connected by a connection element (a cross with mechanical bindings at each end and an integrated power supply).

The Tywa system is a tool for architects and end users alike. The possible configurations Tywa enables can either be a two dimensional graphic on the walls and ceiling, or a three dimensional relief on a surface. The configurations can be very expressive on one end and very discreet on the other. The system is suitable for wall mounting, ceiling mounting or a lowered mounting of the light source. Because of the very low profile of the light source no recessed wiring is needed and because the "electronics" parts are separated from the "fixture" part assembly and fitting is very simple.

The system enables a very rational use of modules, which are also fully compatible with the standard dimensions used by the architects (30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm etc.).

By using the third generation of LED-elements, ambience lighting is made possible even where it was previously deemed inappropriate because of life span and energy efficiency constrains. This makes the Tywa a prejudice-shattering product in the field of permanent lighting supply.

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Product design:

Jure Miklavc

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