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Designing a basic general purpose light is quite a difficult task. The market is very mature and full of different and affordable solutions. Yet only a few among them are designed well - the designs are mainly cost effective but of lower quality. These lights tend to be secondary objects in secondary spaces. They must fit in a variety of different interiors, therefore they need to have neutral design language. They are so common that they are almost trivial.

We wanted to find intelligent solutions that justify the existence of yet another new light. Our approach was to provide a truly problem solving solution rather than a stylistic one. The goal was to have different lighting possibilities within one housing. Easy opening and closure should ideally be operated without tools. And last but not least - the light should provide good projection and low glare. The client required an intelligent solutions suitable for high volume production while employing the required injection moulding technology, suitable for producing more than 100.000 pieces a year. This was paramount to keep a low production price.

We managed to find an optimized use of technology and create an innovative modular solution with added value. Smart shape makes the object appear thinner. The locking ring can be operated by hand and achieves the IP standards and requires no tools for maintenance. It also includes space for different light filter rings. Different functional lights (downlight, backlight, filter ring) and mounting positions (ceiling, wall, suspended, recessed - plaster ring) can be achieved just with injecting a different colour of plastics while all parts remain the same. Inner modularity enables classic light sources such as the E27 or an energy saving TC S/E or T5R. Because of the final quality and quiet design, the Etea light can be used in numerous different environments.

The inner workings of the lamp are designed in a way that enables a very short fitting time, thus drastically lowering the investor's expenses. This is also a very important aspect of a product with such a low price point.

The most common products should be the ones, that are thought out the best.

Business case:
Find s superior solution for a mature and very competitive market

Product design:

Jure Miklavc, Jože Carli, Jaka Verbič

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