Blossoms in Autumn Apartments

Brand and identity

Identity for the apartments on the farm Blossoms in Autumn really communicates lovely and honest stories about the place, its owners and the service. The romance was all there and just waiting for us to transform it in communication.

The farm has been involved with tourism since the '30s and '40s of the 20th century. They are still in contact with some of their guests from that period and their descendants. Historical sources confirm that several generations of family heads with the surname Debeljak ruled the household.

The house with its apartments was build in a "country type" of the secession architecture language, hence the ornament that surrounds the logo, the chosen graphical elements and typography, which comined all give a slight filling of that time.

The name for the brand and the sentences describing it are borrowed from a famous Slovenian book written by Ivan Tavčar: Blossoms in Autumn. The love story in the book takes place in same Poljanska dolina (Poljanska Valley) and Škofja Loka's mountains. The apartments are in fact situated next door to the Tavčar’s mansion. The magnificent architecture with historical value from 17th century, presenting the old way of life and the location’s natural beauty. It was here that Ivan Tavčar wrote his best works, including Blossoms in Autumn. There was also a film made based on this book.

Business case:
A true and memorable identity is a longterm investment in tourism

Brand and identity:

Barbara Šušteršič, Jure Miklavc

Matej in Marija Demšar

November 2009


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