Bio21 and Bio22 Industrial design exhibition

Exhibition design

Studio Miklavc was invited twice in a row to design the BIO design exhibition.

BIO isThe Biennial of Industrial Design (known also by its Slovene acronym BIO) is one of the few major international design exhibitions that has a tradition of more than forty-eight years of presenting contemporary trends in international design. From the first biennial in 1964 to today, BIO has presented twenty-two exhibitions surveying the state of international design. The organizer of the biennial is Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO).

Because of our belief that the exhibited work should not be shadowed by the exhibition design, and because of the critical lack of funds of the MAO institution during the BIO 21 and 22 exhibitions we decided to create a radical solution; instead of designing the shows individually, we found a way to make the exhibition stands reusable, which is also infinitely better in regard to ecology. The principle went beyond that; the tables, for example, were used also in the "Iskra Non-Aligned design 1946-1990".

The exhibition elements are reusable, easy to store and extremely long-lasting. Because of the economic use of funds, MAO was able to invest in much needed permanent infrastructure elements, such as the ticket counter, shop stands, benches etc. Those were also all designed by Studio Miklavc, along with the visual information system for the building.

Another unforeseen benefit of the modular and durable exhibition elects is that it always accompanies various traveling exhibitions, organized by MAO all around the world.

Business case:
Limitations encourage creativity

Exhibition design:

Jure Miklavc, Jaka Verbič, Jože Carli, Barbara Šušteršič

Photo of exhibition:
Domen Pal


October 2010


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