Alpina Trekking Coherent product family identity

Product design and product graphics

The Alpina Trekking collection is based on the traditional and "true" values of performance footwear. The client's long tradition provided a large pool of resources, among which we chose the correct ones and incorporated them in the new product line, while also modernizing and improving it with innovative solutions.

The main task was to design a coherent product family with clearly visible identity. The "fifth element" serves as the binding design element, that is there not only as an element of recognition, but is always a part of a functional element in the shoe's construction. Speaking of which, the shoes' construction is deliberately functional, the materials used of the highest possible quality and the last construction is comfort oriented. With the exchangeable Volume Control Plate, the inner volume can be customized to specific needs, and special attention is given to adjusting the lacing for climbing or descending. Shoes have two flex points and excellent ankle support.

The main goal was to design a system of over 20 products that can grow and evolve, thus making Alpina footwear recognizable in the long term.

Business case:
Strategic reposition of the whole product range

Product design:

Jaka Verbič, Jože Carli, Jure Miklavc

Product graphics:
Jaka Verbič, Jure Miklavc

Tone Pintar, Alpina d.o.o.

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