Binom Multivolume concept shoes

Product design, brand and identity, service design, marketing communications

The Binom brand of footwear is based on an innovative technology of 3D scanning of feet. This technology enables the shoe manufacturer Alpina to design, develop and produce more comfortable shoes with optimal fit for a variety of costumers. We developed the Binom brand to showcase this technology and to change the perception of the Alpina company among buyers and move it closer to the younger demographic. 3D scanners in flagship stores, along with a complete line of new-from-the-ground-up footwear and specialized points of sale achieved a much greater recognition among buyers and thus raised brand awareness.

The key aspect of the Binom design project is its strategic approach. Designing and developing of the brand and all its products, marketing communication, store corners, fairs and the contextualization of the 3D scanning process enabled us to create something unique; with our holistic approach we achieved twice as much added value on Binom products compared to the client's existing product lines while using the same production technology.

The development of the scanner, itself based on known and accessible technologies, was lead by dr. Matija Jezeršek from the department for optodynamics and laser technology on the Engineering faculty in Ljubljana. Studio Miklavc was responsible for the development and design of the graphic user interface and the optimization of the whole user experience. Also, we developed a graphics system for communicating the Binom footwear's key USP: four different inner shoe volumes for each foot size.

The Binom footwear brand and products were are also awarded with the Red Dot Design Award and America's Good Design Award. The Binom project was also nominated for Designpreis.

Business case:
To achieve a price point twice as high as the one currently achieved by the existing products.

Product design:

Jure Miklavc, Jaka Verbič, Jože Carli

Brand and identity:
Barbara Šušteršič, Jure Miklavc

Marketing communications:
Barbara Šušteršič, Jure Miklavc, Jaka Verbič, Jože Carli

Andreja Šeme

3D Scanner technologie:
dr. Matija Jezeršek

Dragan Arrigler

Alpina d.o.o.


Red dot design award 2009
Good design award 2010
Designpreis award 2011



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