51N4E Double or Nothing exhibition

Visual communication

51N4E, founded in 1998, is a Brussels based international practice that concerns itself with matters of space production i.e. architecture, urbanism, design and spatial analysis.

The exhibition Double or Nothing expresses a fundamental position of 51N4E: making every project a vector of urban and social transformation. It is about pushing a situation to its limits, to exceed the programme demanded, so as to change behaviour, provoke encounters, enlarge the sphere of influence of the public domain.

We designed visual communications for their Double or Nothing exhibition in MAO, Ljubljana. While using one of their project as a visual attraction, we successfully integrated it with corporate identity of MAO into composition for poster, invitation and billboard.

Business case:
Designing new content within preset visual identity

Visual communications:

Barbara Šušteršič

51N4E, Studio Miklavc


July 2012


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